I'm moving to a new home!!! uuuuuhhh
I'm so excited!!! These are some sketches of what i would like to achieve for the livingroom, so far.
More coming soon :)


Finalmente Sabato.

Oggi me la prenderò con molta calma...
risviste scandinave, tea e un po' di shopping forse più tardi...
Buon week end!


Esercizi - Exercises

Cibo e fotografia; quale migliore connubio? Sono curiosa e mi piace studiare pertanto ho pensato di prendere questo libro per migliorare la mia scarsa tecnica... Ho iniziato da poco, solo con la mia Canon Eos 1000D e avrei bisogno di comprare almeno di un obiettivo macro. 
Questi sono i primissimi esercizi, spero di migliorare... intanto mi mangio la torta! :)

I love food and i love photography so I thought I could improve my poor technique with this book.
these are my first excercises, I hope  to improve... in the meantime i'm eating the pie! :)

                Happy week-end!


In Love with...Tine K Home

Photo Tine K Home

Photo Tine K Home

Danish brand Tine K Home was founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband.  
I really love her eclectic style: a blend of scandinavian and ethnic, natural wood, dark and bright neutral colors and lots of black and white. Simple, stylish  and suitable for every home. 
Take a look at her home, so inspiring!

"The Tine K Home Collection is a mix of cold, simple colors from the Scandinavian culture combined with the inspiration, textures and charm from many travels around the world. 
The majority of the items are handmade and thereby unique. 
The vision is to pass on my passion for beautiful objects - from different cultures, own designs, and sweet memories."

My wish list! 


A little touch of industrial

The more i see pictures of industrial style on the web the more i love contrasts...

This could be an easy way to add an industrial feel in your home: pick up an office drawer, choose grey and black pillows and lamp shades,  add your favourite vintage and new items and voilà! No effort styling :)

Happy week-end!!


September in my kitchen

I love to make mysef a nice cup of tea, while outside the smell of the first autumn rain spreads and fresh new leaves get covered by glossy drops. 
Finally the heat is gone and when I come back from work I can switch the oven on and bake delicious meals, have dinner and spend a cosy evening on the sofa watching a movie. 
I'm not much a summer person, so i'm very happy when autumn is finally here!


Ikea opening in my town

Check out what i bought (so far):

Vase + plant

New candleholders... aren't them cute?

New lamp... that was cheap!

And mmmm... goodies...

I love Ikea!

Happy week-end!


(Easy) Homemade Peach Jam

4 canning jars (250 ml) and 4 new lids
1kg yellow peaches
the juice of 1 lemon
500 gr. sugar
Fruttapec 2:1 (pectin)

Wash jars. Place jars and lids in a large pot. Cover with water. Boil both for10 minutes. 
Prepare fruit; peel the paeches ad chop them (you can use a food processor). Add sugar and pectin; stir thoroughly. Bring mixture to full boil over high heat, stirring constantly for 3 minutes. When boil resumes, continue boiling 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; skim foam with large metal spoon if needed. 
Jam is ready when it sticks to a cold plate.
Fill jars; cover and close tightly. Invert jars until the jam gets cold, then turn upright.

A priceless pleasure for autumn breakfast. Yum.


New year is starting off just great... L'anno nuovo sta iniziando proprio bene

1. Soprattutto, mi sento meglio.
2. Mi sto divertendo molto con  vecchi e nuovi amici.
3. Sono riuscita a rinnovare un po' il soggiorno e sono molto soddisfatta!
4. Sto seguendo un corso di swing con il mio compagno (!!!)
5. ho ancora in mente tanti progetti da realizzare...

Ora devo smontare l'albero e sistemare un po'... questa feste sono state davvero movimentate...
Spero abbiate avuto anche voi un buon inizio!

1. Overall, i'm feeling better.
2. I'm having a lot of fun with old and new friends.
3. I managed to made some little renovations in the livingroom and i'm quite satisfied!
4. Going to swing and lindy hop classes whit my bf (!!!!)
5. Still have a lot of projects going on my mind...

Now i have to take the xmas tree down and declutter...these holidays have been very busy!

Whish you're having a great start as well!

Love, E

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