Don't you know it's Christmas time?

Well, yes! :)
I think I'm a bit lost in real life land lately @_@
and I've been a bad blogger
but I love Christmas
so I thought it would be nice of me to share some pictures of my decorations.

I wish you all a peaceful, cozy time with the people you love.

***Merry Christmas***


I'll be back!!

I got my pc fixed today and hopefully I'll be posting again in a few days.
Just need to get back on track and feel inspired again... it was a busy and not exactly easy time, but I'll be fine :)
Many thanks to Jordie Girl for the soda stand award:

Nice reason to get motivated to get on with this little blog!
I'd like to give this award back to all of my readers.
Grazie and keep reading... I'l be back soon ;)



Bad computer crash

This is what has been happening... twice a day, or maybe more? My computer is very unreliable so I haven't been posting at all on this little blog. This makes me very frustrated because I have to admit I'm used to use my pc a lot for every sort of things. I absolutely need to fix it.
On the other hand I'm very excited because I'm working on a new project with a friend of mine that will involve design, arts, crafts... luckily my friend is very clever and good at computer graphics so we're working at her place. Hopefully we'll be done soon. Stay tuned! ;)


Oops I Flickr again.

To see the enlarged photos go to my favourites and click on each image.
My favourites
Happy saturday :)


New Camera

I finally managed to buy a new camera, I have been waiting for years for this moment!
I'm very enthusiastic of my new Canon Eos 1000 D and as a newbie to digital reflex photography I have to say that this little jewel is quite easy to use. I'm posting the very first snaps I made from my apartment french window because I cought a very bad flu and I can't go outside (good occasion to study the manual, though).
Hopefully with time I will be posting better photos on this little blog! ;)

The air is getting chill and I just love this time of the year (apart from seasonal viruses :)), today I'm feeling better, no fever for now but I still feel weak; as I'm off from work it is a perfect time to be a bit of a couch potato and for planning next projects.
Have a nice week start!


In bloom

My livingroom is the room of my apartment I prefer at the moment.
I've been constantly making little (budget) changes but it has made a very big difference; a new couch cover, cushions with floral motives and a few wall decorations (only a wallpaper sample and some little pictures I made for now, but I will add E. Martin's beautiful print too).
I've been adding some small vases with fake and true flowers keep the atmosphere very colorful.

A little decoration idea I have been adding too. It is very useful if you have small objects collections and you don't know how to display them.

Last but not least some of my latest reading; this book is amazing and hopefully I will learn more about blogging! ;)
**Have a nice sunday**


Monday shopping

I'm decorating my walls with some nice pictures and wallpaer scraps
but I wanted something unique that suited my mood too... as you can see in the picture
I just purchased a print and a postcards set from
The black apple.
The talented shop owner Emily Martin is one of my favourite artist
around and I adore both her blogs.

I don't feel guilty at all especially when items are so cute :p
Can't wait to receive them!


The Joy of Homemade

I've been homecanning with a friend of mine this week; it was sticky and smelly and hot but we were very proud of ourselves and we enjoyed it a lot.
The best of seasonal aubergines, zucchini and other vegetables are preserved for our winter snacks. We made a green tomato chutney using a recipe found on Country Living; it smelled and tasted terrific and I'm wondering how delicious it will be with a nice slice of cheese or meat.
Next week it will be marmalade and jams turn...
I'm thinking about winter weekends, when the weather will be dark and wet,
and all you want to do is to stay in with your girlfriends for a hot cup of tea or infuse, have a slice of cake with marmalade and endlessy chat and laugh about stupid things of the past summer ;)

Have a nice week end!


The smallest Bistrot in the world...

... is on my balcony!
I'm officially on holidays from work and all I want to do is to enjoy the summer and my free time. I created this little corner on my lilliputian balcony to have dinner outside and I'm so glad I did because it is a very nice and quiet place to sit down and make my creative "things" too.
We live in a flat in the heart of the town, but luckily there's not much traffic in our street. Now that the weather is getting too hot here is very good to be able to enjoy some breeze in the evening.

Going to make supper now ;)


Plastic fantastic

I love plastic objects with a vintage feel and I though I made a little photo selection for the blog.
Well, I'm not sure.... but I guess plastic is a bit unpopular because is not exactly a green material....

so I just wanted to remind myself and to you that is very important to reuse and recycle!
Plus it is fun, isn't it?


Easy DIY. Super - easy actually :D

plain and simple book + stickers

+ place them as you like

Happy week-end! :)


Etsy Mini

Buy Handmade

Hello there,
after spending ages only staring at the photos yesterday I finally signed up on Etsy
and these are some of my favourites so far.
Thinking about selling vintage oneday, we'll see...
Have a nice friday!


My First Award! Grazie!

Thank you Jordiegirl for this award, Cinnamon Girl is a brand new blog so I think this will be very supporting for me to go on posting. Although I don't post about my life very much. Hopefully I'll get to know other very nice people like you!
This price is meant to be for bloggers who post from their heart, so I'm very honored.

I'd like to give this price back to these lovely blogs I like, forgive me if they're just a few but again I'm a newbie in blogland:

Diary of a Vintage Girl
The Vintage Kitten
Making It Lovely

So... now I suppose I have to tell you some interesting things about me (forgive me, I'm so bad at it!):

1. I wanted to be a designer or a stylist when I was a kid and I wanted go to art school, but I was not allowed to: this is mainly the reason I have this blog!
2. I collect everything and I have an obsession for shoes and barrettes but what I like most are vintage radios.
3. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but I quit. Two years now and I feel much better.
4. I've been in a band when I was young.
5. I'm turning 34 in november and I hate it because I'd like to be forever young (...).
6. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I have to deal with this every day. I'm taking farmaceuticals, but I'm slowly decreasing.
7. I had problems at school when my grandma died, and I lost all my hair.
8. Now I've got big hair :) and I like to colour them red-ish.
9. I have a good job but I don't like it very much (shame on me, but that's the truth).
10. Honestly all I dream about is to go and live in the country in a lovely English style cottage with my boyfriend and a dog :)

Bye bye now!

Summer Dresses Collage #1


Crazy for wallpaper

As I mentioned in this post last week I've been purchasing the book Wallpaper Projects: More than 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art By Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith. The book arrived in no time (the day before yesterday) and I was very happy to receive it.
The projects are very interesting and they are very contemporary although with a vintage appeal. I just love it!


gone to the beach

Vintage pin up postcard I found in a local flea market.
Isn't she lovely?

Make your sunday even more delightful with yummy pic nic food.
Both books are by the food stylist Isabelle Branq Le Page
(on my shopping list for ages now, they're a bit expensive but I'm sure they're worth the price).

Got to go now :)
Have a nice sunday!


Can't wait to receive!

Wonderful things I purchased this week:

1. Wallpaper Projects: More than 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art By Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith (lovely people from The Curiosity Shoppe and Design*Sponge)

2. ORLA KIELY for Target - New Place Settings Brown & Gray Large Pears
from Ebay

I'm sure they will take a while to arrive cause the will be delivered from US, anyway...
I'm super-happy!
Hopefully I'll tell you about them soon.
Bye bye for now!


Good morning

(Photo: cinnamon girl)

Even if it's sunday today I woke up very early... what can I do?
I just tought It would be nice to share some nice stuff I bought this month.
1. The mint tin container I found in Portobello, London.
2.3. The lovely recipe book I found at Borders, London.
It is from Paperchase wich sells lovely stationery, paper goods and bags. Unfortunately they don't deliver to continental Europe, so I'll have to remember next time I go and visit UK.

(photo: cinnamon girl)
3. Cutesy bag from Cath Kidston.

4. Amazing german tea set I bough in a thrift shop here in Italy for 10 € only.

Going to Ikea this afternoon... :)
By bye for now, have a nice weeek end!

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