Baking Bread

Today I'm baking my own bread, what a joy to smell the fragrant little buns
 and eat them when they are still warm!
I'm starting to enjoy my "long" week end, 
i'm off from work on monday and tuesday and i'm trying to make the most of it...

I wont go to a SPA or on vacation...
But I will just stay home and relax
I'll spend my free time with by beloved ones looking after them,
cooking and eating scrumptious meals,
having fun with my friends,

and still...organizing my little space, decorating, creating, taking pictures...

I wish you a lovely sunday too
xx E.


Belle Blanc - the book

I just couldn't resist to buy this book: Belle Blanc - by Mirjana Schnepf and Bianca Aurich
When I disovered the blog Belle Blanc and other similar blogs (see blogroll) I immediately fell in love with that "nordic" style. I appreciate that peaceful atmosphere, it can be a refined rustic style, detailed but minimal at the same time. I love the worn, shabby furniture and the typical country accents and shades.
I found the book very interesting, there are sections for each room of the house (entry and patio included) with pictures of different homes. There are special pages with yummy recipes and sections about flowers and paint.
Pictures are very pretty and inspiring. I love the fact that you can actually "paint" with accessories on a white canvas, made itself of different layers and tones...
I can't really read german, but oh well... I can still look at the beautiful picures :))
I bought my copy here.
If you want to try and see if you're lucky there's a giveaway on Belle Blanc blog!!

Ciao, E.



I'm off to the local market to buy fresh food...my fridge is empty and tomorrow we have friends for dinner. I'm thinking about making a nice pork roast, with stuffing and potatoes and vegetables. 

Today and tomorrow there's an Antique Market in town, how can i possilbly miss it? :)

Have a nice w/e!!
xx E.


Simple pleasures

Lately I like to wake up (quite) early in the morning,  I slowly drink my cup of tea and I spread my bread with butter and jam... when i come back home from work I love to browse a magazine and think about my personal life projects... yes, I love to take my time and I like doing things at my pace.
Work can be very stressful so why not... one should enjoy simple pleasures in life!
Here's a list from Zenhabits:75 simple pleasures to brighten your day. I liked the idea and I will soon make a list of my own!!
xx E.

  1. Berries … mmmm.
  2. Walking barefoot in grass.
  3. Listening to good music in the car.
  4. Taking a long, relaxing shower.
  5. Coffee.
  6. A good novel.
  7. Popcorn and an old movie on DVD.
  8. The smell of fresh-cut grass.
  9. Watching the sunrise.
  10. Walking on the beach.
  11. A gentle morning run.
  12. Yoga or stretching or meditation.
  13. Snuggling in bed with your partner.
  14. Watching the sunset.
  15. Hugging your child tightly.
  16. Good wine.
  17. Dark chocolate.
  18. Dancing like you’re crazy.
  19. Telling jokes till your sides ache.
  20. A long conversation with a good friend.
  21. Root beer float.
  22. Kissing in the rain.
  23. Being lazy on a Sunday.
  24. Waking to a clean house.
  25. An uncluttered room.
  26. Banana split.
  27. Pillow fights.
  28. Fries and a chocolate milkshake.
  29. Singing in the shower, loudly.
  30. Dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles.
  31. Watching your child play.
  32. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.
  33. Helping someone in need.
  34. Making someone smile.
  35. Homemade pie.
  36. A nature hike.
  37. Laying back and watching the stars.
  38. Making a sandcastle.
  39. Floating in the water.
  40. Taking an afternoon nap.
  41. Serving your spouse a surprise breakfast in bed.
  42. Watching your children on Christmas morning.
  43. Laying back and looking up at clouds.
  44. Watching the ocean.
  45. Getting a massage.
  46. Reese’s peanut butter cups.
  47. PB&J sandwich.
  48. Iced green tea.
  49. Playing footsie.
  50. Acting crazy in public.
  51. Seeing your savings account grow.
  52. Seeing your debt shrink.
  53. Taking a hot bath.
  54. Blowing bubbles.
  55. A gentle breeze.
  56. The feeling after a good workout.
  57. Checking something off your to-do list.
  58. Snuggling together under the covers on a stormy day.
  59. Coen brother movies.
  60. Watching your kids play soccer.
  61. Playing a good game of basketball.
  62. The smell of a new Moleskine notebook.
  63. Writing on good paper with a good pen.
  64. A clear desk.
  65. Fresh popped popcorn.
  66. A fresh snow.
  67. Swinging on a swing.
  68. Homemade strawberry shortcake.
  69. Watching animals in nature.
  70. An empty email inbox.
  71. Playing hooky.
  72. A very slow and sensual night with your partner.
  73. Staying up all night talking.
  74. Having a picnic.
  75. Swimming at night.


New book

This book is truly inspiring, I love it beacuse
the style is quite simple, ruffles and lace are used but only as accents on distressed materials.
All decorations are old flea market or brocante finds and most of the furniture is painted old furniture
 which is great because if you like it you can get the look without spending a fortune.
There is a very interesting mix of influences; american country, continental french, scandinavian styles are blended in a perfectly balanced way.

Photos by Mark Lohman, Styling by Fifi O'Neill
photos via www.tarabradford.com

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