Hello, Blogland!

I love everything vintage and vintage-inspired and I know there is plenty of people like me
out there so I wanted to share some of my passions with you.
This blog will become my virual inspiration board, so let's start with some of the things I like most:

Cooking and eating...
(photo: cinnamon girl)

Pretty dresses and red hair...
(photo via: 1. breakfast at anthopologie 2. marieclaire)

Thrifting, going to flea markets and bric a brac...
(photo: cinnamon girl)

(photo: cinnamon girl)

Pretty furniture, little details, vintage/retro inspired patterns, handmade objects and objects with an history.
My goal is to keep the atmosphere
in my home cosy and enjoyable.

The list would be much longer than this, really,
but I'll be showing you new lovely things as I go.

Bye by for now!

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  1. Hi

    An English girl here - sorry I can't write in Italian.

    Your English is excellent - I don't mind a few spelling mistakes.

    Great Blog.


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