My First Award! Grazie!

Thank you Jordiegirl for this award, Cinnamon Girl is a brand new blog so I think this will be very supporting for me to go on posting. Although I don't post about my life very much. Hopefully I'll get to know other very nice people like you!
This price is meant to be for bloggers who post from their heart, so I'm very honored.

I'd like to give this price back to these lovely blogs I like, forgive me if they're just a few but again I'm a newbie in blogland:

Diary of a Vintage Girl
The Vintage Kitten
Making It Lovely

So... now I suppose I have to tell you some interesting things about me (forgive me, I'm so bad at it!):

1. I wanted to be a designer or a stylist when I was a kid and I wanted go to art school, but I was not allowed to: this is mainly the reason I have this blog!
2. I collect everything and I have an obsession for shoes and barrettes but what I like most are vintage radios.
3. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but I quit. Two years now and I feel much better.
4. I've been in a band when I was young.
5. I'm turning 34 in november and I hate it because I'd like to be forever young (...).
6. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I have to deal with this every day. I'm taking farmaceuticals, but I'm slowly decreasing.
7. I had problems at school when my grandma died, and I lost all my hair.
8. Now I've got big hair :) and I like to colour them red-ish.
9. I have a good job but I don't like it very much (shame on me, but that's the truth).
10. Honestly all I dream about is to go and live in the country in a lovely English style cottage with my boyfriend and a dog :)

Bye bye now!

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  1. Thankyou so much for the award, Im thrilled. X I enjoyed reading the interesting things about you. Well done on giving up smoking X


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