New Camera

I finally managed to buy a new camera, I have been waiting for years for this moment!
I'm very enthusiastic of my new Canon Eos 1000 D and as a newbie to digital reflex photography I have to say that this little jewel is quite easy to use. I'm posting the very first snaps I made from my apartment french window because I cought a very bad flu and I can't go outside (good occasion to study the manual, though).
Hopefully with time I will be posting better photos on this little blog! ;)

The air is getting chill and I just love this time of the year (apart from seasonal viruses :)), today I'm feeling better, no fever for now but I still feel weak; as I'm off from work it is a perfect time to be a bit of a couch potato and for planning next projects.
Have a nice week start!

3 commenti:

  1. Wow - your first photos with your new camera are really very good.

    I'm really impressed.

  2. Thanks! The camera does the most, I guess ;)


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