In bloom

My livingroom is the room of my apartment I prefer at the moment.
I've been constantly making little (budget) changes but it has made a very big difference; a new couch cover, cushions with floral motives and a few wall decorations (only a wallpaper sample and some little pictures I made for now, but I will add E. Martin's beautiful print too).
I've been adding some small vases with fake and true flowers keep the atmosphere very colorful.

A little decoration idea I have been adding too. It is very useful if you have small objects collections and you don't know how to display them.

Last but not least some of my latest reading; this book is amazing and hopefully I will learn more about blogging! ;)
**Have a nice sunday**

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  1. Such a cute living room, it's not difficult to understand why it is your favourite part of the house right now: so colorful and cozy!
    Assolutamente adorabile!


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