Japanese cuteness #1

I love japanese magazines for girls; unfortunately I can't read a single word :) but the photos are so cute I think it is worth browsing...

Mori Girl

It is so easy to fall in love with this style... so nice and relaxed.
From a western point of view I can easily recognize myself in this "world":
i love country style, floral prints, lace, onepiece dresses and the vintage feel.
This style has now a name: it is called "Mori Girl" and i think it is a
very intriguing japanese subculture.
I'm fascinated by japanese fashion and its eclectic style and I remember studying some very interesting books about it when I was following cultural studies classes at uni.

You can find interesting blog posts about it at:


The most helpful and amazing resource is this blog: morigirl

Have fun! ;)

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