things with a history

In my last trip to London in february I saw this book in the Anthropologie store and it looked so interesting i was going to buy it. Then i thought it was better to wait (I aready had several mad shopping sessions) and see if I could find it on the internet later...
The little thing was delivered to my door and is making me very happy! It is so interesting that even if I'm super tired after work i have to read some. There are plenty of informations if you want to know more about vintage clothes and fashion history, it is very helpful if you have doubts on dating and sizes. There are even caring tips. I would reccomend it!

And talking about things with an history I bought this dress in Spitalfields market in London form an italian girl who said she bought it in San Francisco. Cool, isn't it? :)
It doesn't look amazing in the photo (sorry about that) but i can assure you that once weared it is lovely. Perfect for spring.

Last but not least this very famous book featured everywhere in blogland. It has been in my wish list for ages, now i finally managed to buy it in a very cute compact paperback version.
It reminds me that "one person's junk is someone's else trasure". Sure!
Have an happy W/E!

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