Belle Blanc - the book

I just couldn't resist to buy this book: Belle Blanc - by Mirjana Schnepf and Bianca Aurich
When I disovered the blog Belle Blanc and other similar blogs (see blogroll) I immediately fell in love with that "nordic" style. I appreciate that peaceful atmosphere, it can be a refined rustic style, detailed but minimal at the same time. I love the worn, shabby furniture and the typical country accents and shades.
I found the book very interesting, there are sections for each room of the house (entry and patio included) with pictures of different homes. There are special pages with yummy recipes and sections about flowers and paint.
Pictures are very pretty and inspiring. I love the fact that you can actually "paint" with accessories on a white canvas, made itself of different layers and tones...
I can't really read german, but oh well... I can still look at the beautiful picures :))
I bought my copy here.
If you want to try and see if you're lucky there's a giveaway on Belle Blanc blog!!

Ciao, E.

2 commenti:

  1. Hi Emanuela,
    I just wrote a comment but blogger had other plans and deleted all. Well here I am again. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your gorgeous post about our book. I hope you like the book even the language is german. If you have any questions regarding the german words, don't hesaitate to ask...
    Wish you a perfect weekend, xox Mira!

  2. Dear Mira,
    thank you very much for your visit and for your kindness. Even if don't know very well german language I'm enjoying the book very much and I love browsing it. I used to study German at university (a long time ago!) and in the end I find I can actually understand some of the text. I'm using a little dictionary to help, good reason to go back to my german grammar book!! ;)
    Have a great week end, too! xxE.


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