Simple pleasures

Lately I like to wake up (quite) early in the morning,  I slowly drink my cup of tea and I spread my bread with butter and jam... when i come back home from work I love to browse a magazine and think about my personal life projects... yes, I love to take my time and I like doing things at my pace.
Work can be very stressful so why not... one should enjoy simple pleasures in life!
Here's a list from Zenhabits:75 simple pleasures to brighten your day. I liked the idea and I will soon make a list of my own!!
xx E.

  1. Berries … mmmm.
  2. Walking barefoot in grass.
  3. Listening to good music in the car.
  4. Taking a long, relaxing shower.
  5. Coffee.
  6. A good novel.
  7. Popcorn and an old movie on DVD.
  8. The smell of fresh-cut grass.
  9. Watching the sunrise.
  10. Walking on the beach.
  11. A gentle morning run.
  12. Yoga or stretching or meditation.
  13. Snuggling in bed with your partner.
  14. Watching the sunset.
  15. Hugging your child tightly.
  16. Good wine.
  17. Dark chocolate.
  18. Dancing like you’re crazy.
  19. Telling jokes till your sides ache.
  20. A long conversation with a good friend.
  21. Root beer float.
  22. Kissing in the rain.
  23. Being lazy on a Sunday.
  24. Waking to a clean house.
  25. An uncluttered room.
  26. Banana split.
  27. Pillow fights.
  28. Fries and a chocolate milkshake.
  29. Singing in the shower, loudly.
  30. Dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles.
  31. Watching your child play.
  32. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.
  33. Helping someone in need.
  34. Making someone smile.
  35. Homemade pie.
  36. A nature hike.
  37. Laying back and watching the stars.
  38. Making a sandcastle.
  39. Floating in the water.
  40. Taking an afternoon nap.
  41. Serving your spouse a surprise breakfast in bed.
  42. Watching your children on Christmas morning.
  43. Laying back and looking up at clouds.
  44. Watching the ocean.
  45. Getting a massage.
  46. Reese’s peanut butter cups.
  47. PB&J sandwich.
  48. Iced green tea.
  49. Playing footsie.
  50. Acting crazy in public.
  51. Seeing your savings account grow.
  52. Seeing your debt shrink.
  53. Taking a hot bath.
  54. Blowing bubbles.
  55. A gentle breeze.
  56. The feeling after a good workout.
  57. Checking something off your to-do list.
  58. Snuggling together under the covers on a stormy day.
  59. Coen brother movies.
  60. Watching your kids play soccer.
  61. Playing a good game of basketball.
  62. The smell of a new Moleskine notebook.
  63. Writing on good paper with a good pen.
  64. A clear desk.
  65. Fresh popped popcorn.
  66. A fresh snow.
  67. Swinging on a swing.
  68. Homemade strawberry shortcake.
  69. Watching animals in nature.
  70. An empty email inbox.
  71. Playing hooky.
  72. A very slow and sensual night with your partner.
  73. Staying up all night talking.
  74. Having a picnic.
  75. Swimming at night.

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  1. Grazie per la visita e per l'apprezzamento
    Certo che il tuo non sembra un blog italiano...
    a parte la lingua in cui scrivi ma anche i blogs che segui...
    ma dove vivi?
    Un abbraccio

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  3. Ciao Mari e 1000 grazie per essere passata a trovarmi. Al momento vivo in Abruzzo ma in passato per lavoro ho trascorso lunghi periodi in Inghilterra, Francia e Germania dove ho iniziato a sviluppare un certo interesse per alcuni blog di arredamento. Mi piace molto il nord europa e non per esterofilia ma sicuramente per passione in effetti continuo a seguire molto i blog scandinavi e anglosassoni, ma sto ampliando la mia blog list italiana ;) un abbraccio anche a te!

  4. Grazie per le info
    anche io amo particolarmente i blog scandinavi...
    purtroppo raramente in Italia si trova qualcosa di simile
    ti ringrazio di avermi inserito nella blogroll
    ma sai che non trovo la finestra dei followers?
    mi puoi rispondere per mail


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